Hiking Paradise

Kansas hit 70 degrees this week. I have thoroughly enjoyed it by doing some hiking and clearing the trails around my property with my Sawzall and wishing I had more land to explore.

Well during the process of clearing the regrowth with my noisy saw, I startled a covey of suicidal quail and  a pair of them flew into and broke the glass window on the back porch!

It has been a sad and interesting week with three deaths one of which  was a possum who met it’s demise in a old through in the back 40! Ugh! And the quail weren’t wearing helmets so.

On the other hand,   back in my sheltered from the harsh reality of life Studio,  I was STILL secretly lusting after the neighbors property and reminiscing about  a few places I have explored for painting ‘landscape’ week. Always good motivation.

My painting content schedule typically follows this lineup which I put together.
Join me if you would like and let me know how it turns out for you. If you are a photographer this might work for you as well. Keep me posted of your ventures and weeks worth of hard work.
1 Figures
2 Animals
3 Stilllife
4 Landscapes






Author: Michele Bruce Carter - Artist

Artist & Extroverted Introvert

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