The Mountains are Calling


New painting.

Title:The Mountains are Calling -As an outdoors woman, the thought process with this one was to  leave hectic living at the front door and explore the great outdoors. I used thick organic shapes and flowing movement with the frosting of ice and snow to express the sights and sounds of the wilderness. The subtle earthy contrast hinting at the first dim lights of dawn and intimate size appeal on a gut level if you enjoy the meditative atmosphere of nature as I do.

Medium: Oil on gallery wrapped canvas – sides are painted black. It can be hung as is or framed. I have several of this size on display on my book shelves.
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Every Painting Speaks it’s Own Truth


New Oil Painting: To the Moon and Back. #Treesplease Every painting speaks it’s own truth.

Some art is not always pretty to look at. Look for the truth a piece communicates.  Most artwork is intelligently organized to express a reality.

To me this painting expresses the  overwhelming forces of nature and its uncontrollable might despite human interference.  Find this one in my store.
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Abandoned Church Silent and Empty

Standing silent and empty.

New Painting
Title: Sacred Places – Remains of earlier times.
Theres always something intriguing and sad about abandoned places. This church stands silent and empty perhaps still waiting for the people to return.
#Abandoned America
The unattended headstones always bother me about these places.

Art and Appealing to the Senses

Understanding a painting is the meeting of two peoples imaginations.

I often like to try and find a way to create art that engages the senses either with pattern, texture, color or subject matter.

Sometimes I find someone on the same wavelength as myself – or rather they find me. Someone who ‘takes to’ a painting. Those are the people for whom I paint.

I paint from life and dreams. Dreams from which we can voyage limitlessly through time and space . A way to communicating ideas and meaning.

Think of where a piece of work takes you and how it appeals to your senses. Look at art in a fresh new way.


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