Breaking Records on the Homefront

We had a little snow thankfully on Sunday which put out most of the ghastly historically record breaking wild fire we had here in Kansas. Between Okla. and Kansas 400,000 acres were burned. It didn’t take long to melt and the temps were back up in the 70’s the next day.


My son and I broke our walking record this week as we made it to the 13 mile mark which is roughly 4 hours on the trail. Good times.


Pictured also is my horse Redee. She was definitely feeling the crazy weather an did not care for the wildfire smoke that nearly blotted out the sun.


Books On the Nightstand: Some of my inspiration.

Dear America – The Winter of Red Snow  – Revolutionary War Diary by Kristina Gregory

The Upland Bird Art of Maynard Reece

Death on the Western Frontier – Kansas1875-1879 by E.Fleharty, G. Hulett

Spirit of the Flinthills by K.Ohm


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Author: Michele Bruce Carter - Artist

Artist & Extroverted Introvert

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