Smoke , Swarms and a Sneak Peek

Smoke, Swarms And a Sneak Peek


The peach and crab apple are in full bloom and the humidity is rising with the temperature, the whizzing and buzzing of insects are now relentless. Spring is in full swing.


Controlled burns in my area this week. –  Flinthills Ks.

While annoying and smelly a controlled burn is an important part of rebuilding the prairie for several reasons.

●Clears away dead vegetation and weeds.
●Allows light to reach new native Prairie plants to grow.
●Releases nutrients into the soil jumpstarting the plants.

☆Before white settlers arrived , Native Americans set fire to the prairies every year for the Buffalo and other game to feed on.☆ – °The Prairie Builders – S.B. Collard
Does your state practice controlled burns?

On the easel this week: #ACEO Sneak Peek


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Author: Michele Bruce Carter - Artist

Artist & Extroverted Introvert

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