Mid-May Photoplay -Update from The4c


Funnel Cloud that chased my daughter through the yard and tore out the top of the tree then vanished. #Kansas #tornadoalley


My walking partner. Four miles a day; rain, snow or shine. Very ambitious cat.


Twilight Camp: Mixed Media I finished over the weekend. #livetoexplore #in2nature  http://michele-carter.pixels.com/featured/twilight-camp-michele-bruce-carter.html

Digital Download of Twilight Camp is here: Digital Download – Printable



Above edit from a photograph I took in Chase County Kansas – Print hereimage


Foretold by a Crow & Saved by a Hawk

It may seem strange to some that I am outdoors in all types of weather.. Rain, snow and sleet are a little more tolerable to me than when the temps reach over 100 degrees. But its true the devil IS in the details. If I do not get out and clear my mind of how many times 7 goes into 27 and 612 for my sons math assignment and  how many test and quizzes I will be grading later for my 10th grader, I start to lose the drive that leads to a productive and creative life.

And if i had not been reeled back into the peace of nature by the screeching of the hawk outside my open window. All would be lost again! Very busy school days at the 4C.

Anyway it is pouring this afternoon across the Kansas hills and valleys. This area which is either farm or range land is not known for its great woodlands it is quite the opposite. Although the tree-lines which grow naturally in the draws and run offs that mostly consist of Elm, Locust, Oak and Cottonwood are lush and leafing out. The underbrush is a tangle of sumac, ragweed ,ivy and naturally a new crop of Elm saplings. Well to make a long story short I realized in the silver pouring  rain under the dark skies I was standing in a thicket of eeriness!


Do you ever look into a the woods and think you see or feel something or someone staring back at you? I swear in the steady rain, I saw a brownish black mane of hair blowing with the wind behind a tree that was well over 4 feet taller than me. I stood staring at it to move but I freaked out and decided not to wait it out as I am completely unarmed and unable to defend myself if it were a threat of some sort. I have seen many big cat tracks around this area and it is teeming with other wildlife I have seen such as turkey and deer, goose and duck, eagle, coyote and fox.

Anyway lesson learned. DO not leave home without your machete, sidearm or some type of fixed blade. =P

My teenage daughter offers her opinion to “What is”; A hairy bipedal cryptozoological creature!  Personally I dont think Kansas’ open prairies and fairly  limited woodlands are great habitat for Bigfoots (Bigfeet?). But I dont know maybe there is a ” Prairie Bigfoot.” Something to think about.

In the Studio Today:

After all of that, I was able to put a couple of thoughts together for a poem about this photo I took. I added a few zillion layers to the photo to get the effect I wanted. It is in my store here for Instant Digital Download. I dont always have time or the space to push traditional paint around on a daily basis so I use all means available for a little creativity.



Signs of Summer

Colorful blooms upon the vine

lure the winged bright eyes.

While nature with a lavish hand

spreads grandeur throughout the land.

Sweet is the smell of flowers,

soft is the sound of rain.

Crows foretell what the summer will yield;

flowers, the garden and the grain in the field.

-Michele  Bruce-Carter 2016

Framing the Charolais

A few years ago I worked mainly commissions for cattle breed owners. Besides Charolais there were Angus, Simmental, Limousin and Belted Galloway. I enjoyed the custom work and interaction with the breed owners. They were a great bunch. I made several pieces for FFA and 4H shows. I often think about doing it again and I may do just that if I can get around to setting up the space for it.

In the meantime I’ve been framing up the pieces I have in my shop to make it easier for buyers to have a ready to hang piece of art. I know if I were purchasing I would definitely be looking for something  ready to hang and enjoy right away.

I have to have my art framed and presentable for any show I do or gallery space I have. So I am already looking through the best products for the best price that looks most flattering for the art and will make it viewing ready. Id like to pay that forward as it is very  t i m e  consuming and not the most fun thing to do when you would rather be enjoying the creating or viewing process instead. But the frameless print and original counterparts are always available also for anyone who would like the tackle the presentation on their own.

Here is what I have for today: Find the details and purchase price here


Thanks for reading my update. I always enjoy the feedback. =)


Microbursts and Pop Art Cows

We had a little bit a turbulent weather yesterday. Nothing severe although microbursts can be quite a challenge for aircraft and also hard on structures.. Pretty uneventful here unless you count the mud slick and a double rainbow.

( A microburst is a small downdraft that moves in a way opposite of a tornado. Microbursts are found in strong thunderstorms)


In the studio I framed up several options for my “Pop Art Cows” these are so fun to look at. I think I’m going to repaint the room to let them really pop! Find them here  framed in  Green Weathered Spruce – Blue Sedona Sky or Walnut – Ready to hang – stress free -art


Visit MicheleStudio313 for more framed art and more. Happy Decorating!



Cloaks of Snow are the Loveliest I Know

Well I noticed the mild winter we had has helped improve the tick and mosquito population her in Kansas.  I walk about 4 miles a day in the open country I don’t know which is worse the sticky smelly bug spray or the bites.

I am an all seasons, all kinds a weather type of  person. Today I am missing the cold temps and snow that I missed out on this winter and I put together some art that kind of expresses that thought/feeling.

Lovely winter bright and bold – lends a charm of breathless cold…







Cloaks of snow are the happiest I know.. Primitive Whitewashed Winter Barn

In the studio: I have been putting together framing options for some of my artwork to make it easier for  collectors/buyers when deciding whether or not to purchase as the hassle of matting and framing can be a long and confusing process. So there are several new framed art listings in my shop. Happy Monday and have a great week!