Cloaks of Snow are the Loveliest I Know

Well I noticed the mild winter we had has helped improve the tick and mosquito population her in Kansas.  I walk about 4 miles a day in the open country I don’t know which is worse the sticky smelly bug spray or the bites.

I am an all seasons, all kinds a weather type of  person. Today I am missing the cold temps and snow that I missed out on this winter and I put together some art that kind of expresses that thought/feeling.

Lovely winter bright and bold – lends a charm of breathless cold…







Cloaks of snow are the happiest I know.. Primitive Whitewashed Winter Barn

In the studio: I have been putting together framing options for some of my artwork to make it easier for  collectors/buyers when deciding whether or not to purchase as the hassle of matting and framing can be a long and confusing process. So there are several new framed art listings in my shop. Happy Monday and have a great week!




Author: Michele Bruce Carter - Artist

Artist & Extroverted Introvert

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