Turquoise Mountain and Independence Day Shop Update

Im still working on updating pictures and descriptions in my Etsy stop this week which I recommend doing every few months. Theres always room for improvement in most everything. The downside of that is I havent been able to paint anything for a week and a half and I am getting itchy fingers. People who enjoy working with their hands will understand this 😉 Anyway some current improvements posted here. My shop link: http://etsy.me/29ijrj2 @studio313 Im still working on eliminating my tendency to be repetitive in my descriptions – not finished yet – its a process-dont judge =P

Bw Angus Print


The Turquoise Mountain Textured Abstract (below) was a palette knife painting that I photo processed later. I darkened the darks in foreground using the quick select tool and a curves (color) adjustment layer. I lightened the background a touch using the shadow/highlights filter. I did some slight burning of the side of the rock face in the center then sharpened the whole thing. The original had mostly earth tones which is ok – just wanted something to go with this BA blue velvet couch lol.


Turquoise Mountain




Timeless and Hopeful Horse

There’s usually some adjectives I try to work into telling a story through photography not always but sometimes.I think of words like timeless, hopeful, uplifting or regal etc. I dont like to be measured by the sum of my editing tools so I drain the color and look for the story in the content alone. This was a good representation of those adjectives for me. I have a pretty big imagination. I bet you could find them too if you look. 😉 http://fineartamerica.com/products/timeless-and-hopeful-horse-michele-carter-framed-print.html