The Flames of Autumn






Burn brightly flames of Autumn,Let scarlet sumac blaze

And poplars flame with golden fire, Autumn is on the way!


Miniature ACEO available here

Miniature ACEO available here

Let maples ruby sweep of flame
The elm trees glowing gold
And garnet oak tree radiance
Bring warmth to days grown cold.





Summer isn’t supposed to last forever…


“Cold front is approaching”, is the prettiest phrase I’ve heard in months. Summer isn’t meant to last forever dear. 

I’m setting the stage in my studio for some instant inspiration , a pathway to winters door and some nature inspired artwork. I think some can relate to this type of experience. ☺️


Autumn danced in like a fairy queen touching her wand ever so lightly over the farm,changing everything,creeping along in a graceful,quiet,assured way,sweeping the pathways clean that lead to winters door.



Listing this today 4×4 inch oil on canvas.
The print is available here 



Old Book Collection Marilyn Sentiment.