A Time Between -Winter Scene

A time between and yet so dear, bright hopes of fall just past..While looking forward to the spring amidst the winter blast, for February is a span; it tells of things to be, a bridge connecting fall and spring we travel happily. – GA Schultz


New oil painting by Michele Bruce Carter https://www.etsy.com/listing/514799395/painting-4×6-rural-snowy-fencerow



Transition- February and Orchard Pears

A little while and then I will reclaim

Familiar places,edges with beads of gold,

And sight an orchard in a pool of flame.

Forgetful of the stinging sleet and cold.

And soon the birds will fill our hearts with song,

Pouring their cheer all day long.


New Pears Stilllife 4×6″ oil on canvas #dailypainting https://www.etsy.com/listing/500897136/painting-4×6-pears-fruit-stilllife



Love and Art

The words I write are simple and they are fond and true,From a heart that took a fancy to no one else but you.

So,as you read this letter, dear one remember this- It comes to you with all my love, and I sealed it with a kiss.

New 6×6 ” still life oil on canvas. By Michele Bruce Carter IG @MicheleStudio313 https://www.etsy.com/listing/500259724/painting-6×6-time-for-tea-coffee



With those we Love and Art

Love is the light and sunshine of life. We cannot fully enjoy ourselves or anything unless someone we love enjoys it with us.

Even if we’re alone; we Store up enjoyment in hope of sharing it hereafter with those we love. – SJL

New oil painting “Time for Tea” in my Etsy Store. https://www.etsy.com/listing/499435776/painting-5×5-time-for-tea-coffee


Winter and Art

I have seen beauty,tossed and curled,cover up a careworn world.

Ermine drapes the shabby woods. In lacy shawls and goose-down hoods.

Earth wears white for just one reason. Snow and ice must come in season.


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