Why blog?

Today was a pretty hectic day. But I’ve made up my mind to start pooling my train of thought and creative ideas on a blog again.

I used to maintain blogs before life became really busy teaching middle and high school which is a full time commitment and my first priority. On top of those things, throw in working cattle and picking up my art business again. I haven’t hired a maid service or farm hand yet so I’m still trying to manage an old farm/house with too many lazy cats, a shedding Pyrenees, and a family.

Anyway, Im sure everyone has their own story or a similar story to mine. If you do please tell me why you decide to blog or start blogging again.

Meanwhile; I made a huge mess in the studio today with a cow painting. Yes! Cows are messy in every format! aaaand I didnt have time to clean out the closet I have on my list of To DO’s today. But if I were going to procrastinate you can bet it would be that.
Some rough progress on a very pregnant heifer in the snow.