Painting from life


Time is infinitely long and each day is a vessel into which a great deal may be poured,if one will actually fill it up.

New 8×8″ Late Afternoon Shadows / Pole Barn : oil on canvas.×8-pole-barn-farm-ranch

Only a wise man draws from life and from every stage of it, its true savour, because only he feels the beauty, the dignity and the value of life. The flower of youth may fade but the summer,the autumn,and even the winter of human existence have their majestic grandeur,which the wise man recognizes and glorifies. – Amiel




Ten Beautiful Words

Wilfred Funk,poet,lexicographer and president of Funk & Wagnalls,once listed what he considered the ten most beautiful word in the English language- “beautifully in meaning and in the musical arrangement of their letters.”

His list: dawn, hush, lullaby, murmuring, tranquil, Mist, luminous, chimes, golden and melody. 

All rights reserved: Latest charcoal drawing available #michelebrucecarter×10-flying-birds-barn


Cloaks of Snow are the Loveliest I Know

Well I noticed the mild winter we had has helped improve the tick and mosquito population her in Kansas.  I walk about 4 miles a day in the open country I don’t know which is worse the sticky smelly bug spray or the bites.

I am an all seasons, all kinds a weather type of  person. Today I am missing the cold temps and snow that I missed out on this winter and I put together some art that kind of expresses that thought/feeling.

Lovely winter bright and bold – lends a charm of breathless cold…







Cloaks of snow are the happiest I know.. Primitive Whitewashed Winter Barn

In the studio: I have been putting together framing options for some of my artwork to make it easier for  collectors/buyers when deciding whether or not to purchase as the hassle of matting and framing can be a long and confusing process. So there are several new framed art listings in my shop. Happy Monday and have a great week!