Nature notes and art.

The close observer of nature notes her signs with keen awareness. He watches the sky and landscape detecting changes almost before they occur. If there is a phenomenon he is first to behold it for his senses are tuned to the sights and sounds of the universe.

New Landscape Oil on canvas 4×6″×6-abstract-landscape


Graphite 8×10″




My Favorite Neighbor

An abandoned homestead borders on my property,but I do not consider the dilapidated buildings an eyesore, nor the gnarled Orchard haunted during a full moon.

Instead, I welcome the old place as my most interesting neighbor.

New oil on canvas 4×6″


Love and Art

The words I write are simple and they are fond and true,From a heart that took a fancy to no one else but you.

So,as you read this letter, dear one remember this- It comes to you with all my love, and I sealed it with a kiss.

New 6×6 ” still life oil on canvas. By Michele Bruce Carter IG @MicheleStudio313×6-time-for-tea-coffee



Art and Appealing to the Senses

Understanding a painting is the meeting of two peoples imaginations.

I often like to try and find a way to create art that engages the senses either with pattern, texture, color or subject matter.

Sometimes I find someone on the same wavelength as myself – or rather they find me. Someone who ‘takes to’ a painting. Those are the people for whom I paint.

I paint from life and dreams. Dreams from which we can voyage limitlessly through time and space . A way to communicating ideas and meaning.

Think of where a piece of work takes you and how it appeals to your senses. Look at art in a fresh new way.


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