In Search of Truth

No race can prosper until he learns that there is as much dignity in tilling a field as in writing a poem. – Booker T. Washington

New 4×6″ oil on canvas here:ย



The Art Spirit

These are the moments in our lives, there are moments in the day,when we seem to see beyond the usual. Such are the moments of our greatest happiness. Such are the moments of our greatest wisdom. It was in this hope that the arts were invented. – Henri

4×6″ oil painting in my shop.×6-farmhouse-original-oil


Painting from life


Time is infinitely long and each day is a vessel into which a great deal may be poured,if one will actually fill it up.

New 8×8″ Late Afternoon Shadows / Pole Barn : oil on canvas.×8-pole-barn-farm-ranch

Only a wise man draws from life and from every stage of it, its true savour, because only he feels the beauty, the dignity and the value of life. The flower of youth may fade but the summer,the autumn,and even the winter of human existence have their majestic grandeur,which the wise man recognizes and glorifies. – Amiel



Tornado Season and Art

Tornado season is upon us in #kansas and many of the midwestern states. #beautifulanddeadly #tornado #art #oiloncanvas today’s painting.

Hear the winds cry as they rush past, the glory of springtime has come at last. They foretell the gifts summer will yield – flowers in the garden, grain in the field.

4×6″ oil on canvas $32



Good afternoon from #kansas. Prayers and peace to those families who may have lost loved ones yesterday livestock and property. #kansasfires #wildfires #tornado #morningwalk


My Favorite Neighbor

An abandoned homestead borders on my property,but I do not consider the dilapidated buildings an eyesore, nor the gnarled Orchard haunted during a full moon.

Instead, I welcome the old place as my most interesting neighbor.

New oil on canvas 4×6″ย


Summer isn’t supposed to last forever…


“Cold front is approaching”, is the prettiest phrase I’ve heard in months. Summer isn’t meant to last forever dear. 

I’m setting the stage in my studio for some instant inspiration , a pathway to winters door and some nature inspired artwork. I think some can relate to this type of experience. โ˜บ๏ธ


Autumn danced in like a fairy queen touching her wand ever so lightly over the farm,changing everything,creeping along in a graceful,quiet,assured way,sweeping the pathways clean that lead to winters door.



Listing this today 4×4 inch oil on canvas.
The print is available here 



Old Book Collection Marilyn Sentiment.



Smoke , Swarms and a Sneak Peek

Smoke, Swarms And a Sneak Peek


The peach and crab apple are in full bloom and the humidity is rising with the temperature, the whizzing and buzzing of insects are now relentless. Spring is in full swing.


Controlled burns in my area this week. –ย  Flinthills Ks.

While annoying and smelly a controlled burn is an important part of rebuilding the prairie for several reasons.

โ—Clears away dead vegetation and weeds.
โ—Allows light to reach new native Prairie plants to grow.
โ—Releases nutrients into the soil jumpstarting the plants.

โ˜†Before white settlers arrived , Native Americans set fire to the prairies every year for the Buffalo and other game to feed on.โ˜† – ยฐThe Prairie Builders – S.B. Collard
Does your state practice controlled burns?

On the easel this week: #ACEO Sneak Peek


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