Monday Motivation

The MOST important source of inspiration for painting ideas is our own lives… and what we like most. (Jack Dickerson)




Happy Saturday – One Cow , Hay and a Treasury


I finally got this little guy finished.  This is a 5×7. It took me all week to complete 2 5×7 ‘s. I’m going to have to get on my A Game.

Find him here

This next week I’m planning on working on stilllife paintings. Last week obviously was animals which I didn’t get enough time on. I may extend it out for 2 weeks. Since I make the rules I can break them right? We’ll see. I really enjoy the animals. Anyway, both paintings are listed on Etsy now.

Also here is a Treasury of Etsy artist and their artwork I put together yesterday. Its full of really sweet animal art. Take a look and  heart your favorites. Follow an artist.

On the homefront: this happened today. Always a good day for this. Even at 29 degrees. Happy Saturhay!