Winter and Art

I have seen beauty,tossed and curled,cover up a careworn world.

Ermine drapes the shabby woods. In lacy shawls and goose-down hoods.

Earth wears white for just one reason. Snow and ice must come in season.


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Summer isn’t supposed to last forever…


“Cold front is approaching”, is the prettiest phrase I’ve heard in months. Summer isn’t meant to last forever dear. 

I’m setting the stage in my studio for some instant inspiration , a pathway to winters door and some nature inspired artwork. I think some can relate to this type of experience. ☺️


Autumn danced in like a fairy queen touching her wand ever so lightly over the farm,changing everything,creeping along in a graceful,quiet,assured way,sweeping the pathways clean that lead to winters door.



Listing this today 4×4 inch oil on canvas.
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Old Book Collection Marilyn Sentiment.



To Nature Enthusiasts, Hunters and Hikers- Tick Identification and Effects


To Nature Enthusiasts, Hunters and Hikers- Tick Identification and Effects


Lone Star Ticks are most common in my area and are without a doubt in full swing as our winter was very mild.They are  easily recognized by the white dot (females) on the center of their backs. Males have white lines around the edges of the top of their bodies. These ticks are often mistaken for blacklegged ticks formerly known as “deer ticks” that cause Lyme Disease.


Lone star ticks live throughout eastern, southeastern and midwestern parts of the country where woodlands and white tail deer are plentiful.

Possible effects of Lone Star tick bites on humans:


  • Rash that looks similar to Lyme and may involve fatigue, headache,fever,muscle and joint pains (STARI)
  • Heartland Virus: fatigue, fever, headache, muscle aches, diarrhea, appetite loss and upset stomach.
  • Severe Red Meat Allergy with symptoms of anaphylaxis 4-6 hours after eating red meat.

Tick Facts:


  • White footed mice are the carriers of Lyme Disease. Lone Star ticks do not feed on them.
  • Ticks are attracted to your carbon dioxide.
  • Ticks don’t drop from above they crawl up from the ground.
  • Tick checks can be fun with your significant other.

Most of us love to be outdoors and are more likely to enjoy them if we exercise a little precaution when exploring in the tall grass or woods. I  wear mid calf boots with my pants tucked in and usually long sleeves if  I am out in the early morning and the heat is not terribly skortching. Insect spray can also be helpful or wearing your pants inside of your socks and may also double as a creative form of birth control unless you are really good at pulling off that look.


Remember, finding ticks latched on on your person can feel like playing russian roulette and no one likes a tick bite related  illness. So cover up if you can and give yourself a tick check upon returning. Often times you can find them before they latch on.

Happy outdooring, stay safe and well!PicsArt_04-13-12.59.15wm

Photo Description: Walk in the Woods: The woods are an endless source of wonder. Where remnants of Indian trails and unmarked roads sometimes appear.

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Published by Michele Bruce Carter

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April 13, 2016